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05 May 2013 | Uplifting,Tech Trance
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Allen & Envy – Erebus [Together Recordings] FREE GIVEAWAY

Buy cheap viagra online with prescription - Try viagra

Allen & Envy

Allen & Envy – Erebus (Original Mix) [Together Recordings] FREE GIVEAWAY

Allen & Envy the Power Duo are back! To celebrate the relaunch of “Together Recordings” they have decided to give away a free Allen & Envy Signature #138Bpm Stomper Track.

Who’s afraid of 138? Most certainly not this UK trance dynamic duo Allen & Envy, their high quality productions and remixes consistently impressed many of the Big names in Trance scene from Armin Van Buuren, Solarstone & many others. this exclusive single Freebie for ‘Together Recordings’ Relaunch and upcoming releases in 2016.

As its name suggests ‘Erebus‘ deep darkness this track starts off with punching kick & driving signature styled Basslines followed by Screeching Acidline that takes Energy level high to take you to epic breakdown. that dark emotional pads & Magical riff in background with mystical melodies that takes you on a Trance Euphoria.

yet another top notch production from this duo with their signature uptempo energy driven blend of blissful melodies Enjoy 😉 Grab your Copy



Please also jump over to our Facebook page for “Together Recordings” and support the label : – | Together Recordings | Allen & Envy | Twitter |


December 19th, 2015

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