Tasso – Pat Rack EP (TFIR003)
05 May 2013 | Uplifting,Tech Trance
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Tasso – Pat Rack EP (TFIR003)
Uplifting,Tech Trance
Release date
05 May 2013
Tasso – Pat Rack EP (TFIR003)
05 May 2013 | Uplifting,Tech Trance

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After a Successful Start of Two Uplifting Trance EP’s we Present you Tasso, Opens this year in a storming fashion as he delivers this smashing double A-header on TFI Records. After a brief hiatus,

TFI Records is glad to welcome him onboard to present his deep and filthy trance cuts with a twist. ‘Cell Activity’ features subtle tribal perc’s along with a huge melody in the break, before returning to the bassline driven tech carnage! Maintaining perfect balance, bringing his euphoric side to forefront, he unleashes a synth-laden uplifting trancer ‘Pat Rack’ cooked to perfection!

In a way, this EP covers the whole spectrum of trance and its subgenres, Tasso has amazingly blended modern trance sounds with traditional ones to make this a pack an absolutely must for any trance listener!

Tracks :

1) Tasso – Pat Rack (Original Mix)

2) Tasso – Cell Activity (Original Mix)