Tasso – Pat Rack EP (TFIR003)
05 May 2013 | Uplifting,Tech Trance
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ASOT 700 Mumbai Set’s Download

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A State of Trance 700 Festival – LIVE @ Mumbai, India [The National Sports Club] (June 06 2015) Tracklist :  Enjoy! #ASOTFestAsia All Dj Sets’s   1. Warm-up Set by Armin van Buuren 01. Croquet Club – Only You Can Tell 02. Nissim Gavriel – Love District (Shai T Remix) ...


June 7th, 2015

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A State of Trance 700 Fest Asia in Mumbai

A State of Trance 700 Fest Asia in Mumbai

One guy, one hymn: A State of Trance – it’s truly majestic to witness one person being the torchbearer for the trance scene across the globe. Armin van Buuren has taken trance music to the dizzying heights, thanks to his relentless passion for music and putting a ...


May 1st, 2015

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