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05 May 2013 | Uplifting,Tech Trance
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Presents World’s First & Exclusive Concept of ‘Label Month’s’ Feature this 2014,where we Feature Some of the Most Amazing Trance & Psychedelic Trance Record Label’s

Artist the whole Month with Exclusive Guestmixes by the Talented Artists.

1) Abora Recordings (Jan 2014 Completed)

abora jan

2) Discover Dark Records (February 2014 Completed ) 

Discover February

3) Rebooted Recordings (March 2014 Completed)

Rebooted March

4) Iboga Records (April 2014 Completed)

iboga april

5) Kearnage Recordings + IONO MUSIC (May 2014 Completed)

Kearnage may iono may

6) Mental Asylum Records (June 2014 Completed)

mamonth june

7) Digital Om Productions (July 2014 Completed)

digiOM July

8) Komplex Sounds + Damaged Records (August 2014 Completed)

KSX august

9) Monster Tunes Month (September 2014 Completed)

monster september

10) Perfecto Fluoro Records (October 2014 Completed)

Perecto cover web

11) JOOF Recordings Month (Now Running)

joof Teaser

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